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Nuffic Southeast Asia is the implementing partner of the Virtual Scholarships: Virtual Top-Up Transfer Degree and Virtual Global Opportunities (MicroCredentials and Internships). 

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Virtual Global Opportunities (Internships) For Both ASEAN & EU Institutions or Organisations

Short-term virtual internships to develop competencies across disciplines in various settings, including work readiness, upgrading skills and transitioning workers for Myanmar young professionals.

  • Each opportunity will last up to 15 weeks per student. 
  • 250 semesters and internships for virtual global opportunities scholarships (for both micro-credentials & internships) across all EU and ASEAN higher education or partner institutions. 
  • Interns will be supported with financial aid per internship (total of EUR 300 per opportunity), and partner institutions or organisations will be asked to waive internship fees (if any) due to the humanitarian aspect of the programme. 

Will be available second week on november.